Vol.6 Edited by Zsombor Rajkai, Family and Social Change in Socialist and Post-Socialist Societies

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Family and Social Change in Socialist and Post-Socialist Societies

Edited by Zsombor Rajkai, Ritsumeikan University

In Family and Social Change in Socialist and Post-Socialist Societies, the authors address the social transformations of eight transitional societies in recent decades (Russia, Ukrai

ne, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, China and Vietnam). Each chapter discuss

es a different society and reveals their struggles in the reconstruction of the intimate and public spheres amid the post-Cold War period.

Making use of a semi-structured analytical framework, the respective chapters address the ambiguous

relationship between familism and individualisation seen through change and continuity in demographic behaviour, family values, family solidarity, gender relations, state policy and marketisation. The volume also outlines the possibility of a modified sec

ond demographic transition theory as a correction of Western-based interpretations of current social trends.

Contributors include: Zsombor Rajkai, Yulia Gradskova, Lyudmyla Males, Tymur Sandrovych, Maƚgorzata Sikorska, Peter Guráň, Jarmila Filadelfiová, Miloš Debnár, Csaba Dupcsik, Olga Tóth, Borbála Kovács, Zhou Weihong, Liu Wenrong, Xue Yali, Nguyen Huu Minh, Chang Kyung-Sup.


Biographical note

Zsombor Rajkai, Ph.D. (2008, 2010), is an Associate Professor in the College of International Relations at Ritsumeikan University (Japan). He specialises in two fields: Sino-Central-Asian historical relations, and the modernisation of non-Western societies.


All interested in the progress of modernisation in socialist and post-socialist societies, especially those concerned with the social transformation of Eastern Europe, China and Vietnam seen through familism and individualisation.

Table of contents

Preface … vii
Acknowledgements … x
List of Figures … xi
List of Tables … xiv
List of Contributors … xviiiIntroduction … 1
Zsombor Rajkai

1 A Theoretical Account of the Individual–Family–Population Nexus in Post-Socialist Transitions … 19
Chang Kyung-Sup

2 Family and Social Change in Russia … 36
Yulia Gradskova

3 Exploitation of the Intimate Sphere in Socialist and Post-Socialist Ukraine … 83
Lyudmyla Males and Tymur Sandrovych

4 Changes in the Area of Family Life in Poland … 122
Małgorzata Sikorska

5 Contemporary Family in Slovakia Demography, Values, Gender and Policy … 164
Peter Guráň, Jarmila Filadelfiová and Miloš Debnár

6 Family Systems and Family Values in Twenty-First-Century Hungary … 210
Csaba Dupcsik and Olga Tóth

7 Romanian Families Changes and Continuities over Recent Decades … 250
Borbála Kovács

8 The Transition of Chinese Families over the Past Thirty Years (1978–2010) … 300
Zhou Weihong, Xue Yali and Liu Wenrong

9 Changes in Socio-Demographic Characteristics of the Vietnamese Family … 359
Nguyen Huu Minh

Conclusion … 413
Zsombor Rajkai

Index … 419

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